Stake CHAOS — Build cUSD

Back in the CHAOS!

Hey fam,

The Chaotic platform is now live! Staking is officially available on Chaotic Finance. In this step-by-step guide, we will guide you through how you can stake CHAOS to build cUSD and reap those staking rewards!

Let’s get started right away!

How to stake CHAOS to build cUSD

Step 1: Go to Chaotic’s website

To start, simply go to the Chaotic website. Click on ‘Buildr’ to get redirected to the corresponding page.

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

Connect your wallet once you have arrived. We recommend using MetaMask. You will be prompted to add the Moonriver Network if you have yet to do so. Approve the relevant permissions.

Step 3: Review and Confirm Wallet

If you already have your CHAOS tokens ready, click on ‘Stake CHAOS Build cUSD’ to begin staking right away! If you need to acquire CHAOS tokens, click on ‘Buy CHAOS on other platform’ or check out our short guide here on how to do so on Solarbeam.

Step 4: Building and Staking

On the Build interface, there are three different ways that you can stake $CHAOS or build cUSD. Note that users will need some MOVR tokens ready to pay for the gas fees!

Input the amount of CHAOS you want to stake in the first row ‘Stake CHAOS’. Alternatively you can also enter the amount of cUSD into the second row, ‘Build cUSD’, the amount of staked CHAOS will be calculated for you automatically.

Click on the ‘Max’ button located under ‘Build cUSD’ to stake the maximum amount of cUSD you can build with your given amount of CHAOS for a p-ratio of 500%.

*Note that users can also adjust their pledge ratio as they see fit.

Step 5: Confirming your Transaction

Confirm the transaction by clicking on ‘Build Now’. A series of popups requiring confirmation will need to be confirmed in order for the transaction to go through.

Step 6: Transaction Complete!

Once you have approved all your transactions, you will see a congratulations page indicating that your staking or building was successful! Congrats!


And that concludes how you can stake on Chaotic! Thank you for tuning in and be on the lookout as more user guides and articles about Chaotic will be coming soon!

About Chaotic Finance

Chaotic is the first community-driven delta one asset protocol on the Kusama network via Moonriver. Chaotic allows its users to get exposure to various synthetic assets by letting them trade long and short positions with up to four times leverage.

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A community-driven delta one asset protocol on Moonriver

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Chaotic Finance

Chaotic Finance

A community-driven delta one asset protocol on Moonriver

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