Navigating Chaotic’s Ecosystem

Dear Chaotic Community,

We are thrilled to have launched Chaotic this week! To provide you with more insight on how you can better navigate through the Chaotic ecosystem, we have created this blog post to walk you through it. Read on!

Chaotic is the first community-driven delta-one aset protocol built on Moonriver, one of the most successful parachains on the Kusama Network. The Chaotic Exchange is a trading platform dedicated to perpetual trading supported by an easy-to-use interface. Users can trade both long and short positions of their favorite tokens with up to 4x in leverage! Chaotic also features key token utilities that are loved by DeFi users such as staking and governance.


As you may know by now, 10 listed assets were available at launch! Find your desired trading pair from the list of assets on the left and select the ‘long’ or ‘short’ tab to open a position! Choose the level of leverage you are comfortable with and keep an eye on your positions and trading history anytime at the bottom of the page!

Navigate to the ‘Account’ tab to review your investment performance and asset allocation!


Apart from the Chaotic Exchange, the Chaotic Buildr is another integral part of the platform.

Traders visit the Buildr to stake CHAOS to build cUSD, the Chaotic protocol’s stablecoin, and use it to purchase and trade Liquids on the Exchange. To ensure the stability of the protocol, traders will need to over-collateralize and fulfill by a pledge ratio of 500%.

Users will need to maintain a 500% of p-ratio to access the weekly staking rewards made available to them. Under the ‘Burn’ tab, unstake CHAOS or burn cUSD to adjust your p-ratio to secure your eligibility for the weekly rewards!

Over to the ‘Claim’ tab, this is where users can claim their weekly rewards! Users who stake CHAOS will be entitled to staking rewards in CHAOS and also pro-rata transaction fees of the Chaotic Exchange in cUSD! Note that there is only a 14-day claim period to your rewards so make sure you claim them once they are made available on Wednesdays! Unclaimed rewards will be forfeited and put into the subsequent week’s rewards pool.

Chaotic also features a ‘Transfer’ feature where users can easily transfer CHAOS and MOVR to other wallets at low gas fees!


We hope that provides you with a better understanding of how to navigate the Chaotic Ecosystem! Thank you for tuning in and look out for more articles about Chaotic!

About Chaotic Finance

Chaotic is the first community-driven delta one asset protocol on the Kusama network via Moonriver. Chaotic allows its users to get exposure to various synthetic assets by letting them trade long and short positions with up to four times leverage.

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A community-driven delta one asset protocol on Moonriver

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