Chaotic Airdrop Details

Dear Chaotic Community,

As mentioned in previous posts (Introducing Chaotic and $CHAOS Token Metrics), Linear Finance users who have built debt using Linear.Buildr are eligible to receive the Chaotic Airdrop.

The distribution of $CHAOS is based on a historically time-weighted average of the debt the user held in Linear.Buildr. The period used to calculate the time-weighted average will be from Linear’s mainnet launch until Feb 20th, 2022.

Historically Time-Weighted Average Formula

Airdrop Distribution

A total of 25M CHAOS tokens (25% of total token supply) will be distributed in the Chaotic Airdrop. 10% or 2.5M tokens have now been unlocked and the remainder will be vested every 4 weeks over 12 months.

Users will receive their proportional share of 2.5M CHAOS tokens depending on their historically weighted average of the debt held in Linear Buildr. Subsequently, 1.73M will be distributed every 4 weeks during the 1 year vesting period. It is worth noting that once these tokens are claimed by users they will be unlocked, unlike weekly rewards which are locked for one year.

How to claim

To claim the airdrop you will need to connect to the dApp with the Moonriver address of the BSC wallet that was used in Linear.Buildr to mint LUSD and build debt. And remember, you will need some $MOVR in your wallet to pay for transaction fees on the Moonriver Network.

Note that the number of CHAOS shown is the total amount you will be receiving for the Chaotic Airdrop during the 1 year vesting period. Currently, only 10% of the total airdrop will be unlocked. The remaining 90% will be unlocked/vested every 4 weeks during the course of 1 year.

NOTE You will need to claim the Airdrop before 2022–03–19 or they will be forfeited. Once claimed, you will not need to claim again, the entire Airdrop will show in Chaotic.Buildr and every 4 weeks tokens will be vested/unlocked and show as staked.

Claim your airdrop here:

We appreciate the community’s patience. Happy Building everyone!


Chaotic Team

About Chaotic Finance

Chaotic is the first community-driven delta one asset protocol on the Kusama network via Moonriver. Chaotic allows its users to get exposure to various synthetic assets by letting them trade long and short positions with up to four times leverage.

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A community-driven delta one asset protocol on Moonriver

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