Acquiring $CHAOS from Solarbeam

Hey fam!

Welcome back to the Chaotic Cosmos!

We’re sure you’ve heard — the dApp is now live and so is the CHAOS/MOVR pool on Solarbeam! What are we waiting for? Let us walk you through how you can get $CHAOS on Solarbeam with this short guide!


Solarbeam is a DEX on the Moonriver Network, providing liquidity and enabling P2P transactions in DeFi to be conducted smoothly. Solarbeam enable users to trade from their wallets directly (meaning you have complete ownership of your tokens) and benefit from low trading fees! The team is committed to provide a one-stop platform for the cryptocurrency community that is user-friendly and convenient for traders. As you would expect, Solarbeam is the current leading DEX on the network and stay tuned as more updates are expected in due course!


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to acquire CHAOS on Solarbeam!

Step 1: Go to Website

To start, simply go to Solarbeam and launch the dApp. You should be redirected to the Swap tab of the DEX like below

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Connect your wallet by clicking on ‘Connect to a wallet’. We recommend using MetaMask.

If you have yet to connect your Metamask to the Moonriver Network, you will be prompted to do so and click on ‘Approve’ to add it to the network. Switch the network to Moonriver as prompted after this step.

Step 3: Search for $CHAOS

Now that your wallet is connected, you will be redirected to the ‘Swap’ tab of the DEX again. Make sure that you have enough MOVR tokens to purchase the CHAOS token and pay for gas fees to process the transaction as well.

In the swap mechanism, there is a drop-down with all the available tokens, CHAOS has not yet been added to the drop-down list. In the meantime you can use this link here to find CHAOS.

You can also manually import CHAOS by searching for the CHAOS contract address: 0xf4c6850B6e3288E81Be542909b76865a0BdF9585

Step 4: Final Steps

Input the amount that you would like to trade for and click on ‘Approve’ and confirm the swap in your wallet for the transaction to go through. Congrats! You are now a holder of CHAOS tokens!

With CHAOS, you are all set to build cUSD the the Chaotic Buildr — see you in our next guide!

Happy trading!

About Chaotic Finance

Chaotic is the first community-driven delta one asset protocol on the Kusama network via Moonriver. Chaotic allows its users to get exposure to various synthetic assets by letting them trade long and short positions with up to four times leverage.

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A community-driven delta one asset protocol on Moonriver

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Chaotic Finance

Chaotic Finance

A community-driven delta one asset protocol on Moonriver

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